Foster was a young human male who had joined the Federation Starfleet in the late-23rd century.


In 2285, while a Starfleet Academy cadet, Foster served aboard the USS Enterprise on a training cruise under the command of Captain Spock. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Search for Spock)

Lieutenant junior grade Foster was an electronics specialist and kept the navigation computer operating during and after the battle with the USS Reliant commanded by Khan Noonien Singh. He remained on board the Enterprise after non-essential trainee crew and cadets had been transferred off by the USS Firenze. As the Enterprise approached Earth Spacedock, Foster breached protocol by asking Admiral James T. Kirk what they should expect when they reached Earth and if anybody knew what had happened to them. He was both pleased and embarrassed when Kirk remembered his name. (TOS novelization: The Search for Spock)



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