For other uses, see Frank.
This page details a counterpart of Frank Davis in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion; for the Frank Davis in the primary universe see Frank Davis.

Frank was a 23rd century human male. He was the brother of Winona Kirk. In the alternate reality created by Nero's incursion to 2233, Frank took in his sister and nephews (James T. Kirk and George Samuel Kirk, Jr.) after the boys' father sacrificed himself to save his son's lives. (TOS movie: Star Trek)

George (according to James) could not stand living with Frank and left to live with their grandfather. Frank became James's legal guardian and the registered owner of George, Sr.'s car. He grounded James after the younger child destroyed the car. According to Winona, Frank was prone to yelling. (ST comic: "Operation: Annihilate, Part 1")

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