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See also Galaxy class. For the magazine, see Galaxy Science Fiction.
Milky Way

The Milky Way Galaxy as depicted in the USS Voyager's astrometrics lab in 2374

A galaxy is a dense cluster of millions of stars, nebulae and various other matter which is held in place by a massive gravitational attraction (such as a super massive blackhole).

Galaxies can take on many shapes and sizes, our own galaxy the Milky Way is a Spiral Galaxy so is naturally divided into a number of spiral arms, never the less it is a common practice as means of general galactic charting by many races to divided the Milky Way into four equal Quadrants.

In addition to the main body of a galaxy, many galaxies also have a number of smaller satellite galaxies and globular star clusters which seemingly orbit the main galactic body. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Known galaxiesEdit



Galactic regions: quadrantsectorclusternebulastar system
System bodies: starplanetplanetoiddwarf planetasteroidmeteoroidcomet

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