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For other uses, see Galileo.

The Galileo (NCC-1701/7) was a Class F shuttlecraft assigned to the USS Enterprise in the 2260s.

On the cover of Corgi's reprint of TOS novelization: Star Trek 10, the cover artist quizzically double-reversed the image of the shuttle's registry, rendering it as 7/1071CCN.

History and specificationsEdit

In 2265, when the M'tachtar invaded the Enterprise, Kirk had the Galileo disabled to prevent them from escaping, unaware that they were planning to take over the starship itself. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)

In 2266, the Galileo brought Mya Braker from Alpha Proxima II to the USS Constellation so Dr. Leonard McCoy could run tests on her. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)

In 2267, Lieutenant Commander Spock led a small scientific team aboard the Galileo to chart the Murasaki 312 quasar. During the survey, the Galileo crashlanded on the planet Taurus II, and many systems were destroyed. Fortunately, they managed to get the shuttle into orbit and were beamed aboard the Enterprise before the shuttle burned up in Taurus II's atmosphere. (TOS episode: "The Galileo Seven")


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