Gedlin was a male Tzenkethi who lived in the early 24th century and served as a ember of the Tzenkethi military. Gedlin held the Siv, Vel and B classifications in Tzenkethi society, allowing him to become the commander of a vessel.

In 2319, he led a squadron of three Tzenkethi frigates, with two more frigates and a Tzenkethi warship on the way, to intercept the USS Enterprise-B and the USS Cassiopeia at Rejarris II making unwarranted claims that they were trespassing in Tzenkethi space. He also demanded to know about the ring portal in orbit suspecting it to be a Federation weapon. The Starfleet vessels complied with Gedlin's demands to return to Federation space, but then turned back toward the portal, with the USS Enterprise-B traveling through it and the USS Cassiopeia colliding with the portal an instant later destroying both the ship and the portal. As a means to keep the portal out of Tzenkethi hands, and having them believe both vessels were destroyed with all hands. (ST - The Lost Era novel: One Constant Star)

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