Geleth Pa'Dar was a Cardassian woman who lived in the 23rd and 24th centuries. She was the widow of Irvek Pa'Dar, mother of Kotan Pa'Dar and grandmother of Rugal Pa'Dar.

She was born to a wealthy family on Cardassia Prime in the Coranum Sector, a prestigious upper-class community. At age thirteen her family's businesses were ruined when Ghret Pa'Dar, her father's friend and business partner, reported to the Ministry of Agriculture that he was running his replicators below capacity and falsely blaming it on power shortages to drive up prices. Ghret Pa'Dar took over the businesses and Geleth and her family were forced to spend the next ten years living in the remote, impoverished province of Anaret, where her father was assigned a service position at a food distribution depot. Eventually Geleth's entire family perished during a drought, and after the drought was over she trekked through several cities in search of the Pa'Dar family. Upon finally finding them she demanded they make amends for her family's ruin and shamed them into taking her in. By the end of the following year she married their eldest son, Irvek. She later gave birth to a son, Kotan.

In her old age her health declined and she eventually died when she refused to consume water during a drought. On her death bed during her shri-tal she informed her grandson Rugal that her husband Irvek was not the father of her son. Kotan was actually the result of an affair she'd had with Irvek's secretary Tirim, who she had arrested on false charges by the Obsidian Order as soon as she learned she was pregnant. She was cremated after her death and her ashes buried in Anaret, attended by her son, grandson and Penelya Khevet. (DS9 novel: The Never-Ending Sacrifice)

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