Lord George Murray (October 4, 1694 - October 11, 1760) was a human general in the 18th century. He was one of the generals of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-1746.

General Murray was frequently frustrated by the way the Scottish army's cause was undermined by the impractical and romantic notions of the prince's other advisors. Prior to the disastrous Battle of Culloden, Murray urged that the army be moved beyond the Nairn Waters onto softer ground that would give them a better chance against the more organized English army, but his plea was rejected. The time-lost Montgomery Scott served as an aide and tactical advisor to Murray. (TOS novel: Home is the Hunter)

Murray is incorrectly referred to in Home is the Hunter (p. 194) as "John Murray", the name of his father, the Duke of Atholl.

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