Gezor was a 24th century Sullurh male. By the mid-2360s, Gezor was under the employment of the K'Vin Hegemony, assigned as an administrative assistant to Ambassador Gregach at the K'Vin embassy on the planet Kirlos.

In early 2366, Gezor was assigned to examine the Petition for Territorial Trespass that had been filed by Commander William T. Riker of the USS Enterprise-D, requesting that an away team would be allowed in to K'Vin territory on an archaeological expedition. After examining the petition, Gezor contacted the Enterprise to inform them that medical files on Lieutenant Commander Data were missing from the petition and concluded that this could lead to permission being denied. However, Riker was able to negotiate an amendment which was to list Data as a piece of equipment that was needed for the expedition, and Gezor granted the petition. (TNG novel: Doomsday World)