The honorable Gillian Kei Moratino was a female human member of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General Corps in 2268, when she chaired the court martial of Commodore Diego Reyes on Starbase 47 ("Vanguard") in the Taurus Reach. When she arrived on Vanguard, she wore black trousers and red tunic rather than the then-normal red dress uniform, and carried a polished black briefcase. Her brown hair was cut no longer than her collar, and she had gray highlights then. Crows feet lined the corners of her eyes. Commander Jon Cooper assessed her as a "competent jurist", having presided over numerous courts-martial of varying size and scope, always comporting herself with restraint as she dispensed her rulings with a firm yet fair observation for the rule of law. She was well known for having little tolerance for courtroom theatrics, preferring instead that the focus of the case remain on facts and pointed testimony. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

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