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Ginger was a plant native to Earth, the root of which was used in many Human foods as a spice.

According to a computer viewscreen, asparagus with ginger was part of Chef's menu aboard Enterprise NX-01 on Thursday, August 19, 2152, served alongside twice-baked potatoes and roast duck with raspberry sauce. (ENT episode: "Singularity")

During her pregnancy Kasidy Yates developed a craving for anything made with ginger, such as gingerbread. The craving made her recall that Benjamin Sisko held the belief that "there was no such thing as a good stir-fry without ginger", which in turn prompted Julian Bashir, with whom she was talking at the time, to recall a stir-fry Sisko had made with Bajoran shrimp. (DS9 novel: Avatar, Book One)


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