Gingerbread colony

Gingerbread Colony in its entirety.

Gingerbread village

The village.

Gingerbread town map

Map of the village.

Gingerbread Colony was a settlement inside a snow globe, resting on a table in the Winter Wonderland created by Q (Junior) in the early 25th century. The colony was the origin of the gingerbread folk. In addition, a yeti lived in there as well. Because of Q's interference, no weaponry besides snowballs and snow guns worked in Gingerbread Colony. In 2409, the town was frequently attacked by Snowmen. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")


In Q's Winter Wonderland, the colony, or a representation thereof, sat beneath a meter-tall snow globe on a wooden table inside the Wonderland's gazebo. Access was granted to members of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force and officers of the Romulan Republic, who were transported inside by Q's customary flash.

Officers materialized in front of the mayor's house, adjacent to a path winding its way through the village and leading to the Town Square. Two buildings with clock towers were found inside the village, with the most expansive building directly adjacent the town square. Signs along the path, labeled in Federation Standard, directed visitors towards the town square.

At the end of the road leading into the town square, one building was hollowed out and transformed into an ice cave. It was the home of the yeti.

Stacks of snowballs, candy and neatly packed presents were placed strategically throughout the village. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")


Gingerbread Colony was led by a town council and a mayor. In 2409, the mayor of Gingerbread Colony was Mayor Truffles. The responsibility for defense rested in the hands of Gingerbread lieutenants and ensigns, although the town profited from assistance by the Allies. In times of attack, adults of both sexes and children defended the town square against the Snowmen.

The village was home to Gingerbreads of different flavors, based on major Beta Quadrant species. These varieties included Andorians, Humans, Klingons, Orions and Vulcans.

The yeti dwelling in a hollowed out house was an unwelcome inhabitant of Gingerbread Colony. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion") .


The Winter InvasionEdit

In Winter 2409, Gingerbread Colony was repeatedly attacked by Snowmen under their leader Snowman Baron, and required the military support of the Allies to defend the town.

When the Snowmen attacked, Mayor Truffles summoned a five-person team of Allies, who proceeded to eliminate the first ten squads of Snowmen occupying the main road. While they advanced towards the town square, the Allies would also save Gingerbread councilmembers, freezing Gingerbread men and other civilians. After dispatching the yeti, the officers were joined by Gingerbreads in fighting the Snowman Baron, the self-styled ruler "of all lands of ice and snow." Although Baron summoned Snowman reinforcements, he was vanquished by the combined efforts of Allies and Gingerbread people. When he broke apart, he vowed to return "when the snow falls."

The surviving townfolk engaged in an ad-hoc celebratory dance in the town square. Shortly after, the Allies were whisked away from Gingerbread Colony. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")

In-game, the Winter Invasion is a repeatable mission.

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