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The Gladiator was a non-human humanoid creature from an alternate reality.


He served as the Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard under Majestrix Lilandra Neramani. The Gladiator had purple skin, a blue mohawk and white eyes; he could also exist in space outside the confines of an atmosphere and was extremely strong. (TOS comic: "Star TreX")

Along with a couple of starships containing members of the X-Men and Shi'ar Empire, Gladiator was transported via a spatial rift to the orbit of Delta Vega I in the 23rd century. The Gladiator attempted to claim Delta Vega for the Empire. He punched the USS Enterprise and threatened to destroy the vessel. His ability to speak in a vacuum confused Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk and science officer Spock. (TOS comic: "Star TreX")

At the time, The Gladiator was working for Lilandra's sister, Deathbird. (TOS comic: "Star TreX")

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