The Glaeziver were a species of non-humanoid, column-shaped beings made up of many transparent crystalline strands. When they moved, the strands would brush together sounding to some like jewels chiming together in the wind.

Glaeziver were known to be very formal, to the point of seeming stand-offish to some humanoids.


Prior to the 2180s, the Glaeziver homeworld was destroyed when its star went nova. Despite searching many star systems for a suitable planet to make a new home, the Glaeziver were unsuccessful. This was because they had such strong ties to their original homeworld that they felt alien anywhere else. As a race they decided to become extinct by the 2380s and scattered throughout the United Federation of Planets and beyond.

By the 2280s, Glaeziver were considered rare. At least one individual - nicknamed "Fred" - served in Starfleet aboard the science vessel USS Grissom in 2285. (TOS novelization: The Search for Spock)

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