Glith was a Tandaran female, who served as an officer in the Tandaran military in the 22nd century.


By 2162, she held the rank of major and served as General Valk's aide. In September of that year, Valk led the Tandaran relive forces at Kemsar Colony, a Tandaran settlement that was attacked, dozens massacred and several children kidnapped. Glith attended the meeting between the general and representatives of the United Federation of Planets, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Travis Mayweather.

While Valk accompanied the Starfleet officers on their ship, the USS Endeavour, Glith boarded the Tandaran warship Grentra. The Federation ship was faster, thus it was able to intercept the attackers ship much faster and rescue the children. However they got there just in time to disable the last ship before it could escape into the safety of the Qhembembem Outpost. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

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