The Golden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahs is a period in Ferengi history where the art of Ferengi comedy was said to be at its peak.

The two most famous comedians on Ferenginar during the Golden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahs were considered to be Gormie Gormatop (and his most famous character, Klang the Incontinent Klingon) and Dirf, son of Dorf (and his most famous character, Shlork the Stuttering Vulcan).

One of the defining moments of the Golden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahs was when Gormie Gormatop and Dirf appeared on the same stage for the first time despite an intense rivalry between the two-a memorial service in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the death of legendary Ferengi actor Flynk. (Both Gormatop and Dirf share ties to Flynk.)

Once the service began, Gormie walked on stage dressed as Shlork the Stuttering Vulcan and ran through a complete skit as Dirf's famous character. Once that was over, Gormie removed his Shlork costume to reveal his Klang outfit. Gormie then proceeded to perform a Klang sketch, concluding with a line combining the two catchphrases of the two characters- "I will kill you where you stand, but it's...n-n-not... l-l-logical!"

Gormatop later admitted that he had studied tapes of Dirf's past performances as part of his plan for ending the long-standing rivalry between the two comedians. As a result of this incident, Dirf never performed in public again. (DS9 novel & audiobook: Legends of the Ferengi)

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