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A goose (plural: geese) was an animal lifeform commonly found on planet Earth. It was a bird, similar to a duck or swan.

Jake Sisko once described a goose to Nog following a mention of a "wild goose chase". Nog thought geese sounded formidable and cantankerous. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

Figurative referencesEdit

In the year 2164, after arriving at Rigel Colony One following a search for the abducted Ensign Bodor chim Grev and Lieutenant Samuel Abraham Kirk, Captain Malcolm Reed noted "that's one wild goose we've cooked." (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

In 2267, the USS Enterprise crew began to suspect they were on a "wild goose chase" with their mission to the Horatius system. (TOS novel: Mission to Horatius)

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