Gorash was a male individual who was the head of the a trade commission in the 24th century.

He operated out of the spaceport in orbit of planet Gila IV. In 2386 he met David Steiner after keeping Steiner waiting for two hours. The meeting was supposed to be regarding the transportation of verterium cortenide for use by the Gorn Hegemony, however Gorash brought up the Gorn's conflict with the Klingon Empire and potential Starfleet involvement in a war. Steiner denied getting involved in such activities anymore, but Gorash said, "Everyone's involved, my friend. Everyone. You can ignore the storm, but the lightning will still find you." (ST website: The Path to 2409)

Gorash's species and the name of the trade commission are never stated. He could be a Gorn, and the trade commission might be a Gorn one.

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