Gotlak, son of Gotlak was a male Klingon native to Mempa VIII. As was traditional in the rural parts of that colony world, Gotlak as the eldest son took his father's name.

Gotlak was the leader of the refugee community that managed to escape the Borg attack on the Mempa system during the Borg Invasion of 2381. After months of living aboard ships, the refugee fleet was met by the IKS Rovlaq, and Gotlak met with its commander, Captain Drex, son of Martok. Gotlak was informed that he and his people would be temporarily resettled at a hunting preserve belonging to the House of G'mtor on planet Krios. Gotlak, however, believed this would serve as a more permanent home.

Gotlak was presumably killed when the Rovlaq and the refugee fleet were attacked by Kinshaya, destroying all ships. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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