The Governance Kernel is the advisory ruling body of the Sentry Coalition. While the Governance Kernel has no official power in Sentry affairs, in matters of import does the body exert its authority.

When the USS Titan arrived in Sentry Coalition space investigating the subspace anomalies and by chance discovering White-Blue, the Governance Kernel came into session to open a dialogue.

The Kernel though curious of the origins of the Federation starship, were annoyed that organics interfered in the retrieval of White-Blue and Riker's insistence about knowing more information on the Null, demanded that Titan to leave.

A coup d'éta was launched by Second Generation Red-Gold who seized power from the FirstGen intelligences.

Many members of the Kernel were lost during its confrontation to seize the ThirdGen as well as during the final incursion by the Null. After the crisis, White-Blue stated that new representatives would be gathered to reconstitute the Governance Kernel. The Kernel parted on good terms with the Federation, who offered to assist them in reorganizing their society. (TTN novel: Synthesis)

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