Graal was a female Craynid who lived in the 24th century and served as an officer in the Federation Starfleet.

History Edit

In the 2360s, Graal served on the USS Saratoga and participated in missions to Thetalian Prime and was aboard the Saratoga when it engaged the Borg at Wolf 359.

By 2372, Graal held the rank of Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet and served aboard the USS Charleston as the chief engineer. In that year, Graal travelled to Deep Space 9 to reunite with other survivors of the Saratoga, before the launch of the new Saratoga at Utopia Planitia. Graal would later assist the crew of the USS Defiant when the starship was sabotaged by Esteban Lopez during the journey to Mars. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

Appendices Edit

Connections Edit

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