The Great Lakes were a group of five fresh water lakes on Earth, located in the continent of North America. These lakes - named Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario - were the largest fresh water lakes on Earth.

The Great Lakes were located within or bordering the nation states of the United States of America and Canada. A number of major cities developed along their shores, including Chicago, Illinois and Toronto, Ontario.

The USS Enterprise once encountered a planet which appeared to be an exact duplicate of Earth, with the same enviornmental conditions and the same geographical features - including the Great Lakes. (TOS episode: "Miri")

Mirror UniverseEdit

In the mirror universe, Klingon cruisers from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance fired continously into the Great Lakes, evaporating them and causing a runaway greenhouse effect which devastated the planet's climate. (TOS novel: Spectre)

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