Greenbread is a form of Yaderan bread.

According to Yaderan mythology, the Great Minra tricked a Changeling by saying that he could not change into something as small as a loaf of greenbread. After the Changeling did so, the story says the Great Minra ate the Changeling. As part of Rurigan's holographic program, Depnen, a Yaderan baker, would give Anetra and Taya the best loaves of greenbread. In 2370, Taya asked Odo if he could transform into a loaf of greenbread like the Changeling in the story. (DS9 episode: "Shadowplay")

Greenbread later became available in the Alpha Quadrant. Benjamin Sisko enjoyed it for breakfast, as a late lunch and with Chiraltan tea. Greenbread was also served with Rigelian yak butter. (ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

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