Gris Giernad was a male Zentrofian in the 24th century. In late 2372, Giernad was hired as personal assistant to Patrice Bennett of the Bennett Corporation. He was a self-described "creature of habit," whose regular daily routine included a breakfast of two hard-boiled Regulusian eel-bird eggs, a slice of whole-grain toast, and Kaferian apple juice at Neet's Place, a restaurant on Tau Ophiucus. He also regularly attended performances at the Tau Ophiucus Grand Theater.

At some point during his employment, Giernad was approached rival entrepreneur Rod Portlyn, who hired him to act as a corporate spy, and to provide other assistance. In 2377, he allowed Portlyn inside of Bennett's executive offices, and then helped perpetrate the idea that she had committed suicide. Shortly after, he planted a tracking device on the Starfleet Shuttlecraft Shirley, enabling Portlyn to follow that vessel from Tau Ophiucus back to the USS da Vinci, which was on a classified mission to Federation Outpost 32.

When Captain David Gold discovered Giernad's role in Portlyn's activities, he kidnapped the man, and threatened him with physical harm if he did not help them locate Portlyn. Giernad agreed to cooperate. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback)

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