Gronn, son of Wartok was a young male Klingon who lived in the mid-24th century.

At the time, his father was Commander Wartok who intended to embark on a diplomatic mission to the planet Ferenginar in 2371. To accomplish this, he first travelled to Deep Space 9 where he met an old acquiantance in Commander Benjamin Sisko who sent Chief Miles O'Brien along with Cadet Nog to the Ferengi homeworld. Gronn was accompanied by the young Nog where their personalities clashed with one another as the young Klingon did not understand the light hearted Nog. Upon arriving on Ferenginar, Gronn was given a tour of the planet by Nog and first intended to visit the combat facilities in order to observe rather than practice. During his time there, he felt a certain kinship with Nog who had defied his peoples wishes by joining Starfleet. As Gronn learnt more about Ferengi concepts such as a fixation over acquiring profit - he decided to partake in gambling in order to immerse himself in Ferengi culture. At the time, he was gambling against a Ferengi known as Gek who was an acquiantance of Nog.

Gronn, however, proved to be incapable of gambling in the Ferengi fashion and lost much of his money in the process. In order to preserve a diplomatic relationship between the Ferengi Alliance and Klingon Empire, Nog used a device to control the movement of the dice thus allowing Gronn to win - a fact that the Klingon was completely unaware of during his time on Ferenginar. The pair later departed Ferenginar for Deep Space 9 where Gronn returned to Klingon space - having made a friend in Nog. (DS9 comic: "The Rules of Diplomacy")

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