"Guardians" is a short story by Brett Hudgins which appears in Strange New Worlds VII. It continues the stories of both the Horta and the Guardian of Forever. The title refers to both.


"Guardians" is divided up into dated episodes. "The Present" is a framing story set in 52267. There is also a very brief section labeled "The Future."

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ArmusVic FontaineGuardian of ForeverOdoQIan Kyle RikerEdward SherwoodSotarT'LiorT'MinTrivikVanderberg
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B-4Kira NerysLoreKila MarrJean-Luc PicardV'GerWorf

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Rock of AgesYadera II
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Daled IVJanus VIVagra IIVault of TomorrowYadera II

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States and organizationsEdit

Q ContinuumStarfleetTal ShiarTemporal Integrity Commission
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Section 31

Other referencesEdit

Crystalline Entity


  • 49,970 Years Ago—2297 - Chief Engineer Vanderberg gives a farewell speech to the Horta.
  • 49,805 Years Ago—2462 - A Romulan attack on the Rock of Ages (the planet the Guardian of Forever is on) is repelled.
  • 49,803 Years Ago—2464 - The Horta agree to serve as guardians to the Guardian of Forever.
  • 49,571 Years Ago—2696 - Romulans attempt to use or destroy the Guardian of Forever.
  • 49,400 Years Ago—2867 - Creation of the Temporal Integrity Commission renders the Guardian of Forever obsolete. By this time General Order 7 has been rescinded and Vulcan-Romulan Reformation has occurred.
  • 46,960 Years Ago—5307 - A Horta defects to the Crystalline Entity.
  • 42,126 Years Ago—10141 - The Borg attempt to assimilate the Guardian of Forever.
  • 34,665 Years Ago—17602 - Q begins to visit the Guardian of Forever.
  • 29,405 Years Ago—22862 - Armus attempts to use the Guardian of Forever.
  • 23,870 Years Ago—28397 - Vic Fontaine and Odo visit the Guardian of Forever.
  • 15,565 Years Ago—36702 - The Elasians and Troyians wipe each other out.
  • 8020 Years Ago—44247 - Humanity joins the Q Continuum.
  • One Year Ago—52266 - The Horta mate.
  • The Present - The Horta eggs hatch.



  • The Metron Psycho-Plague, mentioned in this story, appears to be a reference to an earlier SNW story, "Where I Fell Before My Enemy", in which a mysterious ailment is killing off the Metron species.
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