Guroth was a Klingon male who served the Alpha Quadrant Alliance during the Iconian War in 2410. He was part of the allied task force Delta Flight, commanded by Captain Tom Paris. (STO mission: "Delta Flight")

Biography Edit

By 2410 Guroth was a very skilled expert on space weapons, however his "unusual ideas" made him to be considered a madman by the Klingon Empire.

When the Iconian threat was discovered by the governments of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Captain Tom Paris requested permission to form taskforce, later dubbed "Delta Flight", composed by several hand-picked officers by Paris himself. Among these officers was Guroth, wich Paris chose to be Delta Flight's weapons specialist. The team members selected by Captain Paris remind him of himself early in his Starfleet career. Because of that young Tom's caracteristic, the task force was largely comprised of individuals considered unfit for duty.

During his time serving as weapons specialist, Guroth worked hardly on improving the task force's weapons. During his work on improving the USS Mercury's systems, Guroth stated that at the cost of the backup life support system, he would be able to increase the explosive yield of the vessel's torpedoes considerably, and argued that backup life support wouldn't be necessary in a time of war. (STO website: Tales of the War #7)

During the Battle of Iconia in the Iconian War, Delta Flight was forced to retreat after being overwhelmed by the Iconians' flagship. Honoring his Klingon beliefs, Guroth states that "a Klingon does not run from battle", laying a collision course with the Iconian ship. His sacrifice allowed Delta Flight to follow the dreadnought into the Herald Sphere. (STO mission: "Broken Circle")

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