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Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom (3 April 1926 – 27 January 1967) was a human astronaut who lived during the 20th century on Earth. He was the second American to fly in space. (The Official Starships Collection Issue 36: "Oberth class")

Career historyEdit

In the year 1959, Grissom was one of seven United States Military Forces pilots chosen to participate in Project Mercury. (Star Trek Magazine Issue 162: "Blast Off!"; ST reference: Encyclopedia)

In the 1960s, Grissom was designated as commander of NASA's Apollo 1 mission. Tragically, Grissom died in an accidental fire on board the mission spacecraft during testing on 27 January 1967. (The Official Starships Collection Issue 36: "Oberth class")


By the mid 22nd century an Apollo 1 assignment patch including the names Grissom, Chaffee, and White, was displayed in the 602 Club. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

The Federation Starfleet later honored Grissom by naming several starships after him, including the 23rd century Oberth-class USS Grissom, and the 24th century Excelsior-class USS Grissom. (The Official Starships Collection Issue 36: "Oberth class"; ST reference: Encyclopedia)

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