Gwyn was a male Trill who lived in the 24th century.

Gwyn was a childhood friend of Jadzia Dax and the two later began a relationship, which ended when Jadzia decided to apply to be joined with a symbiont while Gwyn decided not to. By 2370 Gwyn had become a bounty hunter with his associate Tev and visited Deep Space 9 to apprehend a criminal named Korin. Gwyn's ship was called the Meander. (DS9 comic: "Hearts of Old")

In 2372, Gwyn was attacked by the L'Waht group T'Dria at Beta Kupsic. Gwyn later reunited with Jadzia on Starbase Montgomery to inform her that the T'Dria was also behind a recent attempt on her life in an explosion on the starbase. Gwyn later helped Jadzia to locate and arrest the T'Dria members who were hunting them. (DS9 comic: "Rules of Behavior")

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