The HMS Victory was a British Royal Navy ship, best known for being Horatio Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Lord Nelson toured the Victory before it engaged the French forces. (TNG episode: "The Best of Both Worlds")

In 2365, Geordi La Forge built a model of the Victory for Marien Zimbata, the commanding officer of the USS Victory. (TNG episode: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The Alpha Centauri embassy in London contained a painting of the HMS Victory. (DS9 novel: Hollow Men)


Ships named Victory
United Kingdom HMS Victory Flag of the United Kingdom
Federation Starfleet USS Victory (NCC-1760, Constitution-class)USS Victory II (NCC-1760, Constitution-class)USS Victory (Miranda-class)USS Victory (NCC-9754, Constellation-class)USS Victory (NCC-170147, Galaxy X-class) FederationFlag

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