The Ha'feh-class assault warbird was a class of starship in use by the Romulan Republic in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


The Ha'feh-class was developed in tandem with the Ha'apax-class battlecruiser and Ha'nom-class science vessel. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

Mirror universeEdit

Mirror Ha'feh

A Ha'feh-class warbird of the mirror universe.

This class was also used by an unknown Romulan state in the mirror universe. In 2409, around the time of the discovery of the Solanae Dyson sphere, the Romulan Republic captured a number of these vessels and incorporated them into the Romulan Republican Force. This version featured improved science capabilities over the prime universe iteration. (ST video game: Star Trek Online [Season 8])

Technical dataEdit

The Ha'feh-class was smaller and less heavily defended than the Ha'apax and Ha'nom-classes, but in exchange had increased agility and firepower. It featured a standard Romulan cloaking device. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



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