Haak Trobis was a Starfleet veteran, originally from the planet Daran V. Blue-skinned Trobis had previously served aboard a Constitution-class Federation starship.

In 2267, terminally ill and trapped in a sealed life-support suit, Trobis helped hijack the USS Enterprise at the command of a fellow Starfleet Veterans' Hospital patient named En-Lai, but Kirk suspected that Trobis would be granted clemency for the crime. When En-Lai diverted the Enterprise to Calydon, Trobis's illness was completely healed by the lady of Calydon. (TOS comic: "A Small Matter of Faith")

Trobis was shown to be some type of alien, but it was not established whether Daran V was home to his species, or if his species was simply one of the races that colonized Daran V.

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