Hailey was a female human child who lived in the mid-22nd century.

Hailey once enjoyed a huge bowl of spicy satay beef soup while in Canada.

She had been suffering from cancer visiting multiple hospitals seeking treatment, one having been near a Vietnamese restaurant. In 2149, Hailey had been staying at a hospital in San Francisco for six months seeking radiation therapy, which had caused her to lose her hair and to go bald. Hailey befriended Dr. Phlox while at the hospital, telling him that some children were afraid of her as well because of how different she was due to her condition. Unable to leave without a physician, Hailey asked Phlox to accompany her taking him to Madame Chang's Mandarin Cafe where she introduced him to egg drop soup. Upon returning to the hospital, Hailey was rejoined by her mother and confessed to Phlox that she noticed he'd been sad and that's why she asked for his company, but reminded him to have hope and optimism. Shortly afterwards, Hailey's mother informed Dr. Phlox that she had passed away unaware of his attempt, though futile, to help find a means of treating her. (ENT short story: "Egg Drop Soup")

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