Haneek was a female Skrreea.

In 2370, Haneek was among three million Skrreea who arrived at Deep Space 9 after escaping from the T-Rogorans and the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. Haneek was chosen to represent her people and, when the Skrreea identified Bajor as being Kentanna, their promised land, Haneek approached the Bajoran Provisional Government to ask that her people be allowed to settle there. The Provisional Government denied the request, as they felt Bajor could not sustain such a large influx of individuals. After this, and the death of her son Tumak attempting to reach Bajor, Haneek and the other Skrreea reluctantly agreed to relocate to Draylon II. (DS9 episode: "Sanctuary")

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