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The Hanolin asteroid belt was a field of asteroids located in neutral space near both the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire.

In 2368, a Ferengi cargo ship had crashed in the belt and wreckage from the ship had spread over a 1,000 kilometer radius. Among the wreckage was a number of metal fragments of Vulcan origin, which were in crates marked up as "medical supplies". It was later determined that the fragments were from the navigational deflector of a Vulcan Merchant-class transport, the T'Pau. (TNG episode & novelization: Unification)

In 2377, Captains David Gold and Montgomery Scott used the Hanolin asteroid belt as a location to lure Rod Portlyn, and to seize the weapon he had used to remove the USS da Vinci from normal space. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback)

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