Hans Jordt was a young white haired Human male member of Starfleet who was on Tohvun III during peace talks with the Cardassians. During in the talks Obsidian Order operative Maladek approached the Vulcan Saurik with the aim of defection. Hans Jordt befriended Elim Garak who was undercover as Maladek's brother Alardig Ra’orn (Maladek was in the role of Begom) to ascertain the reliability and validity of Maladeks claims, by a combination of improvisation and the hidden influence of higher powers Garak managed to persuade Hans that Maladek was using the situation in part of a family feud and the Federation subsequently choose not help Maladek defect. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time).

It is implied that Hans Jordt is probably some kind of Starfleet Intelligence operative. "Jordt" is Andrew Robinson's middle name.

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