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The Haradin are a warp-capable species that originated from within the Delphic Expanse.

In an alternate timeline, in which the NX-01 Enterprise traveled back in time from 2153 to the 21st century via a faulty subspace corridor, Haradin traders provided Enterprise with plasma injector upgrades that allowed the ship to travel at Warp 6.9 for brief bursts. Enterprise could not use this technology itself, however, because its aged injectors could not take the stress at that level of speed. (ENT episode: "")

In early 2375, a Haradin trading vessel discovered a Breen frigate adrift and abandoned on the fringes of the Helaspont Nebula. All of the escape pods had been jettisoned, but the ship had only suffered minor damage. Because of the advanced level of Breen biotechnology, the traders were able to sell it to the Kropaslin government for what was described as "a hefty sum". (SCE short story: "The Future Begins")

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