Hargrev was an Andorian chan or thaan who served as a general in the Andorian military in the mid 24th century. Though short, rotund and balding, he was well regarded as a legendary leader.

In 2365, following the death of King Collev and his son, Bregev, General Hargrev attempted to take the throne, with the support of the Red Sash, a breakaway group from the Andorian military. Hargrev struck a deal with the legitimate heir, Yevan, who agreed to abdicate one day after his coronation in favor of Hargrev, in return for one million bars of gold-pressed latinum. However, Yevan instead called for a plebiscite to abolish the monarchy and bring more democratic reforms to Andor, a proposition which passed overwhelmingly. (TNG - Enterprise Logs short story: "The Captain and the King")

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