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Ship's log, star-date 3134.6. 
Our chronometers still run backward. We have followed the radiation to its planet-source here at the rim of the galaxy, but something else is happening…When we left Earth, each of the 450 crewmembers of the Enterprise was checked out stable. But it's been two years—so much stress on them. We have continuous psych-probes, but we know some have been altered. Even some who may have gone sour: We can't know until the flaw shows up. And by then, it's too late… Much too late…
Ship's log, star-date 3133.4. 
This cinder, this empty death of a world. This is the source of the strange radiation that had our clocks running backward. How odd that Beckwith should choose this ghost of a world for his escape. I am transporting two shifts for patrol—Rand, Spock, myself, and six enlisted crew. We'll find him.



BeckwithGuardians of ForeverJames T. KirkLebequeJanice RandSpock

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)

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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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starshiptime machinetransporter

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