Harpo was a humpback whale born in the Pacific Ocean on Earth in 2286.[1] His parents, George and Gracie, had been transported from the year 1986, and thus Harpo was the first of his kind to be born on Earth since his species became extinct in the 21st century.

Circa 2310, he traveled to the planet Pacifica as part of an oceanographic survey team, led by Dr. Gillian Taylor. (TOS short story: "The Hero of My Own Life")


  1. This birth date is based on the fact that Gillian Taylor determined claimed that Gracie was "very pregnant" in The Voyage Home, which took place in the year 2286. However, the TOS comic book "Debt of Honor" places the birth of Gracie's first calf on Stardate 8730.6, in the year 2289. Given that humpback whale females commonly breed every 2-3 years, one might resolve this discrepancy by postulating that Gracie's first known pregnancy resulted in miscarriage. This is, however, mere speculation.

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