Hasmek was a male Romulan who lived in the 23rd and 24th century.


By 2374, he was dispatched with a trio of Romulan officers who were sent on a mission for the Romulan Star Empire during the time of the Dominion War. At this stage of the conflict, the Romulans were neutral but were examining information that led them to believe that the Dominion were constructing and artificial wormhole in order to connect the Cardassian Union territories to the Gamma Quadrant for reinforcements against the Federation. Hasmek and his comrades were sent to determine if the wormhole was activated and report back to his government about his groups findings which may have led to the Romulans joining the Dominion in an alliance. To accomplish this, the trio of Romulans hitched a ride on a smuggler transport commanded by the Ferengi Shek and the Orion Rolf. Whilst this was an effective cover to reach Dominion space, their time amongst the smugglers was filled with hardship which meant that they were determined to escape their virtual status as slaves.

In the same year, they were at the OK Corral in the Badlands when the Bajoran starship Orb of Peace arrived. Quickly stowing aboard, they attempted to commandeer the ship and return to Romulan space which led to the deaths of several members of the crew. In the struggle, Hasmeks colleagues were killed and Hesmek himself lost his arm. It was only then that he learnt that the ship was actually part of a Starfleet infiltration operation that was tasked with destroying the verteron collider. Whilst reluctant at first and antagonistic to his captors, Hasmek aided them in their travels. He was responsible for helping the ship escape the attention of a Cardassian Galor class ship on patrol by pretending it was a Romulan scientific ship and also guided the crew into the Death Valley that was located in the plasma cloud. (DS9 novels: Behind Enemy Lines, Tunnel Through the Stars)

The characters name and fact that he was bonded to his Vulcan wife suggests that he is the same character that married Teska in the novel Mind Meld.

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