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For other uses, see Hawking.

The Hawking (NCC-1701-D/15) was a Federation type-4 shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the mid-24th century.


At some point, the shuttlecraft Hawking was used by Worf and two other crewmembers to transport a false probe into three invading Borg spheres near Jupiter's moon of Io. The probe was sucessful in destroying the cubes, and also sent back the Borg self-destruct code, which the Enterprise used to save the Hawking from a surprise attack from a Borg cube. (Star Trek: The Exhibition flight simulator)

In this year, the Hawking was used to transport the survivors of the destroyed Enterprise-D to the rescue ships in orbit of Veridian III. (TNG movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Generations)



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