The He-shii was a Vulcan starship that was active in the early part of their race's space history, when they had adopted the philosophy of peace and logic espoused by Surak.

In the year 1433, it was operated by crew members that belonged to clan Archenida, who were the protectors of the Vulcan's Glory that was often paraded in high ceremony among exploration and merchant ships sent from the homeworld. These ceremonial journeys meant that the He-shii was one in a long line of ships responsible for carrying the gemstone, when it was commanded by Captain Stepn. On its course, it began to break up as it neared GS391 where it suffered a fatal accident. As the vessel was doomed, the few surviving crew members abandoned the starship and escaped into Life shells that had power drives capable of only warp 2. This led to the He-shii being considered lost and records would later indicate that there were no debris found at the He-shii's last known coordinates.

For centuries, Vulcan engineers and astronomers had plotted every possible variation of the He-shii's course in order to determine where it resided as more of unknown space became charted during exploration missions. However, none of these had ever found a trace of the He-shii. By 2253, theorists at the Vulcan Science Academy had created a new extrapolation of the course of the He-shii leading to the vessel's discovery in the 23rd century. It was later discovered to be on the site of Areta where the remains of the ship along with Vulcan's Glory were located. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Glory)

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