H. Van Horne

Heather Van Horne in 2286

Heather Van Horne was human female attached to the Federation Security Legion as a associate to Starfleet Commander Sean Finnegan.


She and Commander Finnegan were sent to investigate the massacre of the colony on Omicron Ceti IV. There she found a body of a naked woman. Following the investigation, she went with Finnegan when they received news about a murder attempt on Captain James T. Kirk by Ensign William Bearclaw aboard his ship, the USS Enterprise-A. Once there she interrogated Bearclaw in the brig and was convinced that Bearclaw did not do it. She then spoke to the First Officer, Captain Spock about Kirk's testimony. Van Horne then allowed Spock to mind meld with her to get her thoughts on Bearclaw. After the real culprit, Garth of Izar was arrested, Van Horne decided to find out how Garth committed his crimes and where he acquired the technology. She then watched as Kirk and Finnegan arm wrestled.(TOS - Who Killed Captain Kirk? comics: "Old Loyalties", "Finnegan's Wake!")

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