1701 TATV

A Constitution-class heavy cruiser, in service in the 23rd century.

The term heavy cruiser is a starship classification that is applied to large multi-purpose cruiser starships, and are similar in many regards to explorers.

In the 22nd and 23rd centuries, the term was used synonymously with battlecruiser. For example, the Klingons referred to the Enterprise (NX-01) and the USS Enterprise as battlecruisers, although Starfleet classified them as heavy cruisers. (ENT episode: "Judgment", TOS movie: The Search for Spock)

Types of heavy cruisersEdit



Starship classification
By type argosyassault cruiserassault shipattack cruiserattack fighterbattlecruiserbattle frigatebattleshipbird-of-preybombercargo transportcarriercolony shipcombat support tendercommand battlecruiserconstruction shipcorsaircorvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdreadnoughtescortexplorerfast attack shipfast cruiserflagshipfreighterfrigatefuel transportgunboatheavy cruiserheavy destroyerheavy escorthospital shipin-system courierliaison cutterlight cruiserlight frigatemedical frigatemedium cruisermining freightermissile cruisermonitormulti-mission explorerpassenger linerpatrol cruiserpersonnel carrierprison bargerepair tenderresearch vesselresearch cruiserrunaboutscoutsleeper shipstar battleshipstar cruiserstrike cruisersuper carriersuper-heavy cruisersupport frigatesurveyortankertendertimeshiptransporttroop transporttugwarbirdwarpshuttleweapon ship

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