The Helios was a starship that operated as a pirate vessel in the 2360s and 2370s decades. Helios was commanded by Demaree Kolovzon, with Diaadul serving as first officer. Cytryn Jarriel was the engineer of the Helios and Tesshan was the navigator. The starship had been augmented with technology stolen from others, the hull from a Klingon ship, a Romulan cloaking device, Cardassian phasers and a metaphasic shield from the Ferengi.

In the year 2371, the Helios had been attacking starships along the Cardassian Union border near Bajor and appropriating their contents. After the Helios suffered damage, Diaadul travelled to Deep Space 9 to obtain materials to make repairs. (DS9 novel: Proud Helios)

The Helios is depicted as a Klingon bird-of-prey on the cover of the novel.

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