The Heroes Antechamber was a location on the planet Andoria which was situated within the Parliament Andoria.

It was one of the oldest rooms within the central complex which was constructed during ancient times where the great ones smoothed flecked gray stone floor with their sandals. In those times, these individuals symboloically purified themselves with water and oil before they undertook the sacred business of governing Andor. The four walls of the eight sided room held the faces of the mythological Guardians who studied all those that approached the Grand Chamber, seemingly judging the traveler of their worthiness. Custom demanded that before entering the vaulted archway that led within that individuals removed their shoes and wash their foreheads and palms in mineral water that was bubbling up from the ground at the ritual basin. Once done, they dabbed their fingertips in ornate vessels of sweet scented oil which they placed on their eyelids, noses, tongues, ears and antennae after which sealed the vessels of their senses from receiving or offering treachery.

In 2376, Charivretha zh'Thane walked through the Heroes Antechamber which filled her with awe before she took part in the Enclave that was being overseen by the Presider and the New Progressive Party. (DS9 novel: Andor: Paradigm)

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