The Mestiko system (or Hertex system) was a star system in sector 418-D proximate to both Federation and Klingon space. It consisted of the star Hertex, and seven planets, including one class M world, Mestiko with two moons, Varnex and Kifau.

By 2265, the Payav, natives of Mestiko, had explored four of their system's other planets via automated space probes, and also established a permanent research base on Varnex.

In that year, a rogue pulsar PSR 418-D/1015.3 passed through the Mestiko system, causing numerous deaths and significant environmental damage to Mestiko, despite the efforts of Federation scientist Lindsey Cameron and the crew of the USS Enterprise. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: Things Fall Apart)

The gravitation disruption altered the orbits of almost all the bodies of the system: the three outermost planets were torn from orbit; Daroken, the next planet out from Mestiko was brought to within eight million kilometers of Mestiko; and Kifau was pulled from Mestiko's orbit to become an independent planetoid. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again)

These descriptions of the Mestiko system seem to suggest Mestiko was its third planet; however, this is never specifically stated in any of the Mere Anarchy installments.

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