Hesperus Ground Station was one of 14 terraforming ground stations on Venus. As part of Project Ishtar, Hesperus Station formed a part of the network built to lift the Venusian atmosphere. The ground station was located in a valley in Aphrodite Terra. (SCE eBook: Ishtar Rising, Book 1)


In September 2376, Hesperus Station was destroyed when the bulk of the lifted atmosphere crashed down on it. Its personnel was evacuated in time by emergency transport to Ishtar Station. Following the loss of Ground Station Hesperus, the Central Processor Pair of Bynaus gave project leader Doctor Pascal Saadya a deadline to return the two Bynar specialists on loan to him. 39 days after the near-catastrophe, Saadya sought help from USS da Vinci. (SCE eBooks: Ishtar Rising, Book 1, Ishtar Rising, Book 2)


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