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HiBeam Energies, Ltd. was a company that was located at Luna City on Luna in the Sol system and was founded on reference stardate 1/1508.03. Its chartering organization became the Securities and Exchange Comission of the United Federation of Planets.

As it was founded in the relatively early part of Federation history, this firm quickly became a principal contractor to Starfleet Command. Its major success came in 1/94 when it designed the first phaser weapon system namely the Mark 1. This new weapon system replaced the previous generation of laser based emplacements seen on Starfleet starships in the final days of the Four Years War. The firm was later known to had worked closely with Daystrom Data Concepts which led to the creation of the Mark 3 (FH-3) that employed an M-1 multitronic computer. By later years, they maintained at least 17 full-scale production plants that operated twenty four hours a day in order to meet both civilian as well as defensive needs.

By the mid-23rd century, HiBeam Energies CEO was Patricia D. Maxim and was divided into two sub-divisions namely:

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