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Cardassian fighter

Hideki-class schematic.

The Hideki-class attack ship was a type of small warship, or patrol ship, used by the Cardassian military during the 24th century.

The class had been introduced into service by the 2340s. The Drakamair was in service in 2348. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Night of the Wolves)

The ship was considered approximately equivalent to the Starfleet Danube-class runabout, but equipped with heavier armament, giving it sufficient striking power to operate in fleet actions. (DS9 episodes: "Tribunal", "Call to Arms", "Sacrifice of Angels")

In 2372, two Hideki-class ship and a Galor-class vessel started a pursuit of the USS Defiant after the Defiant left Lazon II, but soon broke off to assist the Vexon. (DS9 short story: "Promises Made")

Known vesselsEdit

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